(Are you guys excited? Because we’re excited.)

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He’s gone.

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Axel. I have a message for you from Lord Xemnas.
We have reason to believe one or more of the members assigned to C.O. intend to betray us.
Find them, and dispose of them.

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((Ask Box is closed!))
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what’s wrong?

no, you can’t leave me

don’t do this, don’t you fucking dare do this to me

i need you

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Anonymous: How old are you both I'm curious :3

((We’re both eighteen! -Ax))

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((Blog Update!))

(( Hey! We recently updated the blog, and here’s some things you should know about!

We now have a:

All of these can be found in the sidebar of the blog also.

Now, another order of business. Today and tomorrow, Thursday 8/23 and Friday 8/24, will be the last time you will be able to submit questions for a long while. We are closing the ask box at midnight on Friday night. So if you have any pressing questions, now is the time!

Much love,

Ax & Rox ))

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Anonymous: quick out of character question, do you guys bind? if so, what do you use?

((Yes, we do. We both use binders/compression shirts from Binding is pretty routine since we both do it nearly every day out of cosplay as well. I’ve used ace bandage and duct tape before, but I wouldn’t advise the methods at all- they are painful and often unsafe. :c -Rox))

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Roxas: We don’t have problems like that.

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